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The year was 1996, I was a 20 year old drug addict, a father to a newborn daughter and it seemed like it was just yesterday that I had become a man.  Like so many others living around me in the land of milk and honey, somewhere just off West Los Angeles Avenue, in the City of Moorepark, California, I started to build the foundation of my life, the life that barbering built.  


I began as I suspect every barber does, patiently teaching myself the art of barbering by cutting my own hair.  Partially out of desperation but more importantly because of interest, I continued to study my craft and eventually graduated from my self imposed makeshift apprenticeship moving on to cutting the hair of the neighborhood fellas, family and friends.  By 1997 I had become pretty good, so good in fact that on Friday nights, in front of my grandmothers garage studio, cars filled the street as the neighborhood cats lined up for haircuts.  While “Strutting my Thang” by Ozone played in the background, I cut hair for a modest fee $5.00 & beer.   


    Working as a mason by day and barbering as often as I could, I continued to lay the path to my future often spending nights and weekends cutting hair in different neighborhoods across L.A.  Traveling to Santa Paula, Fillmore, Camarillo carrying my clippers in hand, neighborhoods across Simi Valley organized barber parties, calling for my services- chignon haircuts at a reasonable price.  Eventually my reputation as a good Chicano barber followed me from the streets into the trades.  On a Friday afternoons, job site lights were strung up and a makeshift bench was made for me to continue to hone my craft.  

    In 2004 I decided that despite my reputation for fine haircuts and my time devoted to becoming a mason, Los Angeles and the great state of California held no future for me.  And so the lights were strung up in a garage one last and final time for my final haircut in California…Or so I thought.

    In 2008 the combination of a hot brutal summer spent on an Arizona road crew and the guiding words of my wife, “you either get a contractors license or a barbers license, either way you need a career”, helped me find my way to the All American Barber Academy.  While there, I studied under some outstanding barbers, Russians to be exact. With their help I picked up my barber tools once again, and a few new intercontinental tricks of the trade and my barbers license. 


    Upon graduation I settled in and found my home at legendary The Straight Razor Barbershop.  While serving as the shop Manager, I learned firsthand the importance of great customer service while producing some the finest classic haircuts in the Valley of the Sun.  My time spent inside one of Phoenix’s busiest traditional barbershops allowed me to gain valuable insight and firsthand knowledge of what makes a barbershop and business successful.     

    In March of 2017 I opened the doors to Nippers Clippers Barbershop & Shave Parlor.  A west Phoenix barbershop with a collective lifetime of experience dedicated to the art and lifestyle of classic, old school barbering.  A shop representative of my culture and influences having an old school flavor mixed with the laid back feel of the California lifestyle.  

I am also a proud founding member of Chicano Barber, a collection of Mexican barbers untied by culture and fine craftsmanship, dedicated to promoting Chicano influenced barbers while recognizing and preserving our culture.  We proudly represent our collaboration with a raised brown fist, a symbol inspired by and in tribute to the struggle and solidarity of the Chicano people. 

Together, we actively participate and donate our time with Marvins Mission, a local Phoenix non profit organization,  where we cut the hair for the less fortunate, all the while understanding that each of us is perhaps just a few bad decisions away from a life less blessed.

In closing, I’d like to thank you my customers for your continued patronage, my beautiful wife and daughters for their never ending support and love and most importantly God almighty for the gift of life and this life, a life that barbering built. 


I was born and raised southern California where I spent my early years listening to rap music, developing a love for graffiti and earning my reputation as a bit of a troublemaker.  After a few encounters with the Riverside police, my family and I moved to Colorado, where I continued working on the title of “class clown” throughout high school. 

My interest in barbering began during my time in high school.  I started out cutting my own hair with some cheap clippers and after some practice, my friends noticed I always had a clean haircut.  It didn’t take long and I started cutting them up, never considering that my skills could lead me anywhere. 

After high school I ended up in Arizona and while working different warehouse jobs I’d always seem to find a way to get written up for talking.  It seemed that my reputation as a prankster followed me and my silliness was not going to be tolerated in the workplace.   

A few years later my son Jacob was born and with that I knew I needed to get out of the various warehouse and construction jobs I’d been working and find myself a career.   Because of my interest in barbering, I’d kill time by talking with the barbers about cutting hair as a career while I waited for my haircut at the barber shop.  

Eventually, I checked out a couple schools and when I had a thousand dollars saved,  I enrolled in barber school and began my training.  My start wasn’t easy and my schedule was tough but I’m glad because it tested my determination.  I would go to barber school from 8:00AM until 2:00PM, then haul ass to my full time job, where I’d work from 3:00PM until 12:00AM building solar panels.  

I received my barbers license in June of 2012 and I worked at a shop part time until I had the opportunity to finally quit my job and become a full time barber.

Barbering led me to the Straight Razor Barbershop where, for 3 years, I had the opportunity to meet countless people, make a lot of friends and develop great relationships with my clients.  It was there that I met James Zuniga and while working together became friends. 

Gone are the days of being written up for talking and I can honestly say, being a barber has changed my life, but not who I am.  I'm Jorge Tarango, a.k.a str8faded_cuts.  I’m the shop manager and a proud Chicano Barber here at Nippers Clippers Barbershop and Shave Parlor.   


My name is Angel A.K.A. Cash

I’m 25 years old from Phoenix, Arizona and a licensed barber here at Nippers Clippers Barbershop & Shave Parlor. 

I first stared off cutting hair as a hobby on local friends and family not really knowing what I was doing or where my path was headed.  A few years after high school I found my self lost in life, working dead end jobs and headed for trouble.  When I appeared to  stuck, not knowing what to do with my self, or knowing where my life was headed, I knew I needed a life change.  In June of 2015, I enrolled in barber school and haven’t looked back since.

Barbering called my name in a way that other career endeavors hadn’t. To me barbering was not only a skill, but also an art form.  With barbering, I can be my self and also have a career that’s a combination craftsmanship and artistry.  Because my life has been inspired by old school culture, music and art ,it was only natural that barbering was my calling.

Since I’ve started cutting hair my love and passion for my craft has only grown stronger.  I’m always trying to find a way to improve, to learn and grow, personally and professionally.  Everyday is different, everyone has a different story to tell and I get the most joy when I know that I’ve changed someone’s day with a fine haircut and a great conversation.

I look forward to meeting you, hearing your story and providing you nothing less than the finest, old school, classic haircut experience here at Nipper’s Clippers Barber Shop and Shave Parlor.  


Nippers Clippers Barber Shop Quality Classic Haircuts, Hot Lather Shave & Beard Trims

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